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CHALLENGE: Bring Generation Y under the hood.

Teilnehmer: 3000

IHK – IHKjobfit! Training Fair 2017 | For the fourth time in Munich.
A platform for information and interaction – because the world of work is waiting…

The positions are there! In order to fill more and more training places in the long term and to counteract the shortage of skilled workers vehemently, the Chamber of Commerce has worked with the IHKjobfit! once again this year offered a popular platform for their upcoming apprentice years.
Once again, presenter, motivator and comedy star Osman Citir will be present, who – supported by YouTube star Flowest – manages in his usual manner to inspire all 3000 participants in an amusing way for the topic of “training” in the Munich MVG Museum.
Difficulties with the application folder or the right application photo? Somehow no plan, what you say during a job interview? And what kind of training are there? Many questions, one answer: IHKjobfit!. And because the name is program, here you can inform yourself, photograph, snort, advise, talk, look around, train, amuse and be prepared for what is waiting for in the next section “Professional”.
The students diligently hunt trainers across the individual exhibition stands, enjoy the flash in front of the camera and listen to the lectures of trainers, trainees, or the futurologist Simon Schnetzer. With his contribution “Fit for Future – Your Life 2030”, Schnetzer of Generation Y displays fascinating insight into the world of tomorrow.
Fun, strengthened and well prepared, the trainees will return home after a long day. And because it was so nice, here are a few customer/visitor and exhibitor thoughts about the event:
“A big thank you! This result can only be achieved with a well-rehearsed, competent and above all highly committed team. Thank you for the perfect cooperation.”
“It gave me a lot of insights into the most diverse professions. I also found it very good that I was able to talk to the companies and to introduce myself to them in person!”
“Very good preparation and organization, everything was great, thank you also for the exhibitor briefing, there were no questions that were still open after the briefing and the receipt of the documents”.
With thanks in return. Next time! We are looking forward to the next stops of IHKjobfit! Training fair in May in Ingolstadt and Rosenheim and in November – “Welcome back!” – in Munich.

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