MINI | Seller Incentive.

KATEGORIE: Incentive | Evening

CHALLENGE: 1001 Night in "Cool"

Teilnehmer: 40

Here Comes the Sun.

Immerse yourself in the square of the jugglers, let yourself be lured by oriental scents in the morning confusion of the old town and feel the adventure. The best 40 MINI sellers enjoy the “Pearl of the Orient” for 4 days and immerse themselves in the magical atmosphere of 1001 nights.

Arriving at the airport, the means of transport is immediately switched out. At the foot of the Atlas Mountains, participants take a jeep to the Agafay Desert away from paved roads. An exclusive tent camp specially built for them awaits and enchants our guests mystically. Belly dancers and fire swallowers round off the evening staged by Realize.

However, the next few days impressively show how high-contrast Marrakech and its surroundings are. While Realize still provides the special adrenaline rush on the first morning and lets the guests zipline over deep gorges, the turbulent life takes place in one of Morocco’s most famous places, the Djemaa el-Fna, unimpressed. Here our guests are then captivated by traditions and customs.
In the early morning hour, a special highlight awaits all participants on the third day. During a balloon ride you get a little closer to the Moroccan sunrise and enjoy the breathtaking view from new a perspective.

New perspectives are also the topic of the subsequent city tour. During the design tour, guests get closer to the oriental fabrics and colors, experiencing the sights of the city in parallel and immerse themselves in the authentic and lovable Marrakech on the culinary tour. Moroccan cuisine satiates the hunger for more; at least temporarily.
Absolutely enthusiastic about culture and adventure and already reveling in memories, our winners return home with a sure realization: this magical land simply enchants everyone with its mysterious beauty!

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