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Travelling with blood donors. #howtosavelives

You cannot say “thank you” often enough. Thank you that there are so many people throughout Bavaria who regularly donate their blood and contribute a great deal to the survival of others. We as donors, as well as REALIZE employees, are also proud to accompany such a series of events. Why? Because the purpose is a good one and the tour through the whole of Bavaria with the BSD team is always great fun!

So, this year we were once again able to make a stop in 7 Bavarian cities and honor 3890 donors live in Würzburg, Augsburg, Hof, Regensburg, Germering, Straubing and Bad Windsheim. Among them repeat donors again – eight in total, who were donors for the 200th time. #justwow!

For the participants, an honor is an all-around “harmonious” evening. They meet each other, exchange ideas and enjoy the special moment with good entertainment. This year, well-known and beloved faces of the BSD family provide entertainment Michael Sporer, the presenter known from Bavarian television, has been an inveterate honorary professional and blood donation ambassador since 2014. Felix Brunner is also a BSD testimonial and emotionalizes the blood donors with his fighting story about the way back to life.

Just as Gela Allmann, the extreme endurance athlete, touches and motivates donors with her will and irrepressible energy, which helped her back to her old life and still helps to this day. Last but not least, comedian, and BSD professional, Chris Boettcher provides the ever-popular fun and good-mood moment at this very special series of events.

“Donating blood saves lives!” – a message that this event conveys, lives and wants to continue to shout out to the world! And because you just can’t say it often enough – “Thanks again! Cheers to the donors!”

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