Something is missing in the conference room.


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March 2023

Something is missing in the conference room.
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The large white wall in our conference room looked empty and cold. But it is precisely in this room that the feel-good factor is particularly crucial, as important meetings and discussions take place here, both internally and with guests, and need an inspiring and at the same time harmonious setting.

But buying art? No. Make it yourself? Yes, and all together.

We are creative and on top of that we also have an artist with her own art studio in our creative pool. That made clear that we could design the missing artworks for our conference room ourselves. So we created a team event out of it that was not only great fun, but also strengthened the team, made our profile visible and promoted individual but also collective creativity.

In 2 teams of 11 people each, we created 1 large acrylic painting on canvas, learning different painting techniques, experimenting and at the same time working together to harmonize the design. The result was a teamwork in which the changing actors and all those in the background, who worked hand in hand as in the realization of an event, always had to keep the goal of a harmonious, impressive result in mind. Our REALIZE visiualizer Rossy Riszterer welcomed the teams to her studio, gave them technical guidance and coached them during the creation process, so that two wonderful, large acrylic paintings were created for our conference room.

Until the unveiling, both teams did not know what the other’s result looked like, so we only revealed this at the festive opening and the teams were then able to marvel at each other’s works. They were given their titles ‘Strategy with Heart’ and ‘Intuitive Synergy’ and signed by the artist teams.

Now we can remember the creation at every meeting, discover new exciting details in the pictures again and again and be proud of the artwork we created together with our own hands. Such activities weld together and have shown how much potential there is in our team.

In this way corporate culture is promoted and authenticity strengthened.

Got your interest inspired?

We can only recommend such an art event for employees and customers.

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