Server down? Pizza & Wii .

Detox for employees.

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Server down? Pizza and Wii | Detox for employees.

Just “restart” when everything gets too colorful or maybe doesn’t work anymore. And if that also affects IT, heyiei! But free time can be used in a variety of ways and turned into the positive. The canteen is quickly transformed into a feel-good corner. The pallet lounge was set up, fairy lights were brought out and, if necessary, partition walls were moved in here and there.
The drinks are from the tub, the pizza on the hand, Frozen yoghurt as dessert and for the restless can be danced diligently, “photoshooted” or even “ripped” on the Wii.
All around a successful event, just to breathe again. Note: Can you do without a server crash, can you?

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