Mix Up Arts.

Art meets Old Congress Hall.

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Mix Up Art meets Old Congress Hall.
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Munich, 6:30 p.m., snow again. The red carpet is ready. Snowy but ready. The first guests arrive. Passing the whale and the press wall, there is one, a lot of art waiting. Art created in the course of the “Mix Up Art” series of the subscription channel SkyArts. Here, in several episodes, well-known, unknown, personalities met, who pursue a common goal in 48 hours: to create art together. Creativity – unlimited.
The 9 completed works can be admired in the Alte Kongresshalle in Munich and then available for a good cause. In a cosy and atmospheric round of appetizers, drinks and stimulating conversations, the artists always pose in front of their own image, tell, reflect and bring the work to life. The action artist Wolfgang Flatz together with actress Christine Neubauer – the pioneers of the format – have created a photo triptych in their 2 days. Worth seeing, fancy and crazy (as well as the extraordinary Munich location of the Austrian Flatz “Heaven7”. #locationtipp).
SkyArts has brought together other exciting pairings for its concept, for example: video artist Betty Mü, she meets the Berlin cartoonist Arno Funke alias Dagobert, sculptor Clemens Brocker meets the plastic surgeon Prof. Werner Mang. Rapper Lady Bitch Ray on “Werner” artist Rötger Feldmann and star hairdresser Udo Walz on performance artist Milo Moiré.
And the whale, what is it about the marine mammal? Almost millimetre-precise, it adapts to its temporary “living space” – the lobby. So he’s there to make a difference. As part of the “Sky Ocean Rescue”, he refers to the plastic waste produced worldwide on a daily basis. Waste, which has far-reaching consequences for people and the environment. He, too, is the whale at the center tonight and at the same time one of many works of art.
Singer Laith Al-Deen, also with artwork on site, finally tunes his hit and at the same time the unspoken motto of the evening: “Pictures of you survive – until all the time”. True, because of course the SkyArts team also filmed on site (to be seen on SkyArts HD).

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