our highlight.

The special stage.

Events with that WOW moment. This is about people & emotions, special moments and apt messages. Reaching for it is imperative. And to endure. In memory, and of course sustainably. Besides, we love to entertain you!

Our highlight events!

Bsd. Bavaria.

2,000 Pax

7 cities

367,325 blood donors

On the go with blood donors – and for many years.

You can’t say “thank you” often enough. Thank you for the fact that there are so many people throughout Bavaria, regularly donating blood and greatly contributing to the survival of others. Every year, we as donors, as well as realize employees, are proud to participate in such a series of events together with authentic testimonials and moderator Michael Sporer.
Every year, we stop in 7 different Bavarian cities and honor countless donors live.

“Donating blood saves lives!” – a message that this event conveys, lives and wants to continue roar to the world! “Raise one to the donors!”

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Bsh. Hamburg.

500 Pax

1 day

270° recording

The best under one flag.

The celebratory theme of “25 years of exclusive home appliances of the BOSCH brand” is called: Maritime! The fitting venue… the Port of Hamburg. 500 participants board the “MS BOSCH”, created for this special occasion in Shuppen 52. After the aperitif, the “best of the best” set sail together. Time to set off with Nina Eichinger, who charmingly guides us through the evening, confidently helming our ship.

The medial 270° recording perfects the illusion of being on the high seas. The Captains Dinner complements the evening until the ship reaches its home port – crowned with breathtaking fireworks. On water as well as on land, our motto – inspired by emotion!

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Energy Southern Bavaria. Munich.

700 Pax

5 decades

one evening

An nearly timeless gala.

Under the motto “Energy Moments – in one night through five decades”, 700 employees and their partners celebrate the 50th anniversary of Energie Südbayern. The Munich Postpalace becomes the scene of a journey through time from the past to the present day. Five entertainment blocks, moderated by Michael Sporer, transport us through the decades. “Rock’n’Roll” (60s) and “Flower-Power” (70s) as well as beatboxing of the 80s and breakdance from the 90s lead us to the present, characterized by sustainability and regionality, in the 2000s.

Together with our customer, we manage to integrate the employees into lovingly produced film sequences, making the time travel a shared emotional experience.

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