Winners on Incentive Journey.

Oh how beautiful is Valencia.

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Winner on Incentive Journey | Oh how beautiful is Valencia.

Premium Financial Services rewards its best retailers with a one-time and unrepeatable weekend in autumn 2017. The demands of the participants are high, many places have already been travelled – surprisingly different so should be the new destination. And that’s valencia – one of The Largest Cities in Spain, and one of the busiest. Often in the shadow of Barcelona, but wrongly.
After a first leisurely drink in the Mediterranean courtyard of the Hotel Westin Valencia, it continues, typically Spanish, culinary and sociable. Finally, the original paella comes from Valencia and prepares it – here traditionally without fish – all participants learn during a joint cooking course. Even if raging autumn winds then make a dent in the planned beach club, and the Mediterranean is more like the rough Atlantic, we decide spontaneously, even a hotel bar has style, if the group harmonizes.

Day 2 runs for a part of the group under the motto “The early bird…”. But morning activism should be rewarded. An exclusive hot air balloon ride over the surrounding area of Valencia is a dreamy sunrise – the warming spanish sun is back.
The day begins no less exciting for the “late risers” among the participants. It is allowed to sail. After a short expert briefing of the skipper, the sails can already be set and commandcommands can be given diligently. Whether in the air or by water, “the winner takes it all”. Luckily, all participants are winners on the trip and so after lunch you can enjoy the warm spanish sun individually.
After plenty of relaxation, the evening begins mysteriously. Set off at the already closed and dark aquarium “Oceanogrfic” our participants are led by the security personnel past penguins and turtles unsuspectingly into the underground. Once downstairs, guests find themselves in the shark aquarium and enter their exclusive room for dinner through the breathtaking shark tunnel. From the shark pool you go directly to the club “High Cube” at Valencia’s harbour. Exuberance and party-loving day 2 is duly celebrated.
The day of departure welcomes guests with warm 28 degrees of sunshine and makes the farewell even more difficult. But before everyone goes back home, a Segway tour through the Jardines del Turia is on the agenda. A stay in Spain without tapas? If you can’t, we’ll find it, and so at the end of the eventful incentive trip there are still many small delicacies in the traditional Spanish tapas bar “Restaurant Taberna Vintara” in the old town.

At the latest at the airport it is clear for all participants, Valencia – gladly again!

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