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The way to the perfect Christmas party.

Planning a Christmas party can be so easy.

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The way to the perfect Christmas party.

“Pling”! New email from the boss, “Subject: Organization Christmas Party 2016”. Auweh, where can I get the right rooms now?

“Auweh!” for you, “Juchee!” for us: because we have already blocked the perfect location for you!

Planning Christmas parties can be so easy. We’ll tell you what’s more important:

5 tips for a happy Christmas party:

1) Fix the appointment – no Christmas party is not a solution.

Employee motivation, incentive for the next year, just say “thank you” and give the chance to get to know his professional environment better. Should such a possibility really be postponed until next year? We say ‘no’!

2) Just dance out of line – because only the brave come into the garden!

Nordmann fir, fairy lights and Christmas stollen can be done by anyone. But how about a Christmas tree projection, a photo box with Rudolfsnasen and einhorn costume or a Christmas cocktail, in style under palm trees and at reggae vibes? Go in the ear, stay in the head!

3) A night to remember – it’s the little things.

We don’t all want a bit of feel-good rather than a stiff commitment. As you know, the devil is in the detail, so feed him a lot of ideas. Small things like individual invitations, personal giveaways or a Christmas party app pay off. Employees happy, we happy, all happy!

4) The agony of choosing a meal – Why a menu is better and when you need a buffet.

The common man, the herd animal, no longer wants to have to fight for his food. No queues at the buffet. Dear nice conversations with interesting people (or vice versa) with one, two, three glasses of wine and delicious menu at the table. For dessert then simply Flying Buffet and everyone has the feeling of free choice with a wide offer. Win-Win!

5) Planning with experience – Calls. Us. at.

What do the employees say about the planning of last year’s celebration? Gather the positive input and, at least as helpfully, the negative experiences. Block your desired appointment in time and for the rest, just get on the phone. Letting yourself be helped can be so easy. A bissal know-how hasn’t hurt anyone yet.

Need help? We research, plan and organize. Do not only trust in our experience, benefit from it! It’s not too late for a Christmas party that excites.

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