Shoe platter at the campfire.

Seefeld as the scene of an unforgettable incentive.

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Shoe-plattler at the campfire.

For 20 participants, Seefeld in Tyrol becomes the scene of an unforgettable incentive. A group of distributors ventures into the Leutaschklamm via Flying Fox and climbs along the rock faces through the gorge. To strengthen it, there is a hearty picnic with Tyrolean delicacies in bright sunshine, in the afternoon the participants stretch their bows and also meet with spears and axes to the finish. After some wellness in the hotel, we go to the workshop at the campfire in the Lottenseehütte in the evening, before the following day a descent on Mountain Skyvern (mountain scooters) leads from the Härmelekopf into the valley – and rounds off a truly unique event.

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