Knaller, Böller, Fireworks.

"The main thing was loud" yesterday.

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Knaller, Böller, Feuerwerk – “The main thing was loud” yesterday.

Naked or on the ski jump, you decide!
7 tips on how New Year’s Eve can work perfectly without “Dinner for One”

1) First to be in Samoa – 10, 9, 8, … Shotgun!

What do you not do to be the first to celebrate the New Year. And if you have to delete a day from the calendar for that, then you do just that. Zack, boom and already the island state of Samoa in the Pacific had slipped into a new time zone. Economic reasons or not, since 2011, the first time they celebrate the turn of the year here, 13 hours earlier, before it pops in Germany. For the early birds among us – off to Samoa. Summer, sun, sunshine!

2) On, on to Kilimanjaro – Does the mountain also call on New Year’s Eve?

He’s calling! But it is more aimed at the trained among us tourists. On your own, you don’t have to climb the highest mountain in Africa (Tanzania). Trained guides will help you climb the summit in time. Celebrations take place at midnight on the route, far above the clouds and far away from party-goers. For those of us who have set out to do more sport this year… #malwiedergutevorsätze!

3) Oberstdorf jumps – The Sky’s the Limit.

Celebrate hard instead of flying far. Don’t worry, you don’t have to fit into a tight ski jump suit, nor do you know what a telemark is all about. You should only be dizzy-free. Because at the latest the breathtaking view from the Schattenbergschanze in Oberstdorf compensates pretty much everything. Fireworks wherever the eye can see and delicious food on it. Fancy a “jump”?

4) New Year’s Eve Sauna-Sause – Freed into the New Year.

Imagine you’re at a party and everyone is naked! Suddenly it means sweating instead of dancing. It smells of pine needles and wild strangers wag with towels. Gentle singing bowl sounds instead of pulsating basses around you. Right, you have landed in the sauna, at night, naked and at the Böllern. So if you don’t want to stick to dress codes this year, just in your bathrobe and off to the sauna with you!

5) Colorful Rio de Janeiro – Think of the right slipper!

They are well known, the Brazilians. Not only for carnival, the Copacabana is a party stronghold. Every year, up to two million “party people” are expected here, who value one thing in hot temperatures and “ritmo latino” – the color of their underwear. If you want more love for 2017, for example, simply wear red or pink underneath. But becareful, the underpants must be bought anew, otherwise everything will not help!

6) Look at stars – to infinity and much further!

Fancy spending New Year’s Eve between heaven and earth? To do this, you don’t have to get on the plane and completely do without glamorous atmosphere, delicious culinary delights and colorful fireworks. Solid ground under your feet and the starry sky still within reach. Don’t go, there’s no! Start the new year astronomically and celebrate in the observatory, far above the roofs of Vienna, undisturbed panoramic view and still in the middle of it. The bang!

7) Big in Japan – Or when the Buddha rings 108 times.

Missiles are in vain in Japan at the turn of the year. New Year’s Eve is both a religious holiday and a family celebration. In the land of smiles, the New Year’s turn is therefore rather quiet. Don’t you want more peace and contemplation after the Christmas holidays? Don’t worry, because a visit is still worthwhile. At midnight, the bells are beaten 108 times in all Buddhist temples. Goosebumps also works without fireworks!

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