Interview with Peter Kirchberge.

From surf hotel dream to successful hut paradise.



From surf hotel dream to successful cottage paradise.
Interview with Peter Kirchberger, owner and managing director of the Almbad Sillberghaus, the Almbad Huberspitz and the new village resort Tannermühl.

Realize: Rustic hut flair and flipchart-gaudi accelerate the deceleration. What exactly is your recipe for success?

Peter: Ultimately, it’s certainly the mix of many little things. Good accessibility, for example. The guests are less than 90 minutes away from Munich and yet in completely different (experience) worlds at 1,100 meters each with a view of fantastic mountain scenery. In addition, with our rooms and alpine suites we offer a little more than you know about classic huts, without losing the cosy alpine character. The most important reason, however, is exclusivity: companies that book the Almbad Huberspitz or the Almbad Sillberghaus always get the entire house with all rooms and meeting rooms exclusively. It doesn’t matter if the board meeting is six or sales meetings with 30 people.
In addition, motivated hut teams – a healthy mix that not only makes us, but also makes us proud.

Realize: In the morning days and in the evening together in the sauna. Why does this “slightly different” concept harmonize so well in your eyes in terms of a corporate event?

Peter: You can’t say that in such a fundamental way. It is already modern companies or departments in companies that are exactly jumping on our concept. The managing director of a well-known advertising agency explained this to me: “A hut meeting is like a meeting followed by an Oktoberfest visit. Only much more pleasant, uncomplicated, cheaper and with greater success.” Fortunately, there are plenty of business guests who can do without amenities such as minibar, flat screen or private bathroom for a night or two.

Realize: Eating healthily is more “on trend” than ever before. What are your catering delicacies and what do you think of vegan food, “healthy food” and green smoothies?

Peter: We are dedicated to honest and authentic alpine-Mediterranean home cooking. We cook over 90% in organic quality. From my point of view, it is more important to offer the right menus at the right time of day and time than to follow all trends. Our Kaiserschmarrn, for example, is much more popular than any smoothie. But yes, about 10% of our guests are now vegetarians. Vegan food is in demand with about 1-2% of our guests. But it is certain, all guests are offered very, very tasty dishes.

Realize: In addition to the Almbad Sillberghaus and the Almbad Huberspitz, she also runs the new village resort of Tannermühl. What distinguishes the three spots and which customers would you “put” into which cabin?

Peter: The Alpine bath “Sillberghaus” high above Bayrischzell, directly on the border with Tyrol and the alpine bath “Huberspitz” with breathtaking views of the Schliersee, are very individual mountain huts with up to 30 beds. Both are ideal for two to several days of meetings, seminars and workshops. The village bath Tannermühl in Bayrischzell is strictly speaking a tiny day SPA in the style of an old farm bath. A small oasis for the senses, ideal for smaller day or evening events such as fireplace talks and jour fixes for a maximum of eight people. Unfortunately, we cannot offer overnight stays here.

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