ESB School Festival.

Felix and the many children.

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ESB School Festival | Felix and the many children.

Numerous primary schools in Upper and Lower Bavaria took part in the raffle for a school festival with Felix Neureuther as part of the educational project “Experience Energy”. The primary school Geretsried won and so we went with the ESB Truck and plenty of bag and pack to the south of Munich.
In the morning in the learning theatre to raise awareness of the topic of “handling energy”, the kids were able to demonstrate their own energy diligently afterwards. Goal wall shooting, outdoor course, let’s play out at the relay race and who needed a break from the many movement in the fresh air, for which there was plenty of fresh fruit, sausage rolls and drinks.
The highlight of the day, however, is clearly the guest of honour ski racer Felix Neureuther. Although some children probably didn’t really know at the beginning who this “type” is, to whom they give their school song to the best, the onslaught on the highly coveted autograph cards was hardly to be tamed afterwards. Felix talked to the little ones about sports and explained why this is so important with a healthy diet and a lot of exercise. The children liked it and so their eyes should shine long after all the rolls had been eaten and all drinks had been drunk. And when they remember the special day, they certainly still shine today.

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