Do not "postpone", drive on d'Wiesn.

Kick-off event, the Fifth.

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Do not “postpone”, drive on d’Wiesn.

Kick-off event, the Fifth. For the participants of this year’s meeting of an auditing company, the first day means “meeting, meeting, meeting” before you can take a closer look at the tips from the individually compiled Munich Pocket Guide in the evening.

Freshly recovered, the next day is again busy meeting, until after lunch he throws himself into the costume and sets off together to the meadow. Name glupperl and Lanyard with site plan guarantee that logistically nothing can go wrong anymore. However, how all participants should be able to find space in the Ferris wheel at the same time is nevertheless an exciting challenge. Mission completed and all participants enjoy fantastic far-sightedviews over Munich’s skyline to the Alps. Whether the evening ends at the gallery in the Paulaner Festzelt Winzerer Fähndl with bread board and giant pretzels or just starts – we will gladly clarify this question next year.

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