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Days, discover, decelerate – know how!

Monday morning, 8:30 a.m., somewhere in Bayrischzell. The hairstyles are sitting. Only 500 meters up hill, then we have reached our destination for the next two days – Almbad Sillberghaus, which awaits us in soothing seclusion and with plenty of sunshine at the start. Could be worse.

Arriving at the top, we start our day after the original Bavarian white sausage breakfast with a first team challenge. Each one on his right a different image section. From the cowboy on the range in Arizona, you can take to the streets of Manhattan directly on the high seas. The goal: to tell stories – each in detail and only through his own image until it becomes a common big whole. Amazingly easy then the resolution of the first game – communication rocks!

After another game in the Battle character a la “the ground is lava – but somehow we still have to get over it”, calls for the first time and finally the wonderful mountain view pool. Yes. Well deserved is relaxed in the sun and at more than 1,000 meters in cold water diligently pulled its tracks. cooling down, which will still be beneficial. Because challenge number 3 awaits – the climb blindfolded over stick, stone and meadow, past cows (many cows), thistles and nettles (Autsch). Some people push themselves with Confucius: “The way is the goal”. Others hum the fantasies: “We are big together”. Everyone is right and, it is clear, they arrive together at their destination. Friendship Goals!

After the work is done, it shouts out loud, the dinner. And it can’t be lumped… Three courses and typical Bavarian – obazda, greave lard, pork shaxn with dumplings and apple kiachl. We like. Later at the campfire, Musi in Dolby Surround from the high-tech box, or also: Mobile phone in the Aluashtray also sounds pointed. We’ve probably lost engineers.

First “Good night”, shortly after: “Good morning”. The cow bells wake us up. We are reluctant to get up from the comfortable alpine beds… But the scent of freshly baked bread and strong coffee triumphs over the cosiness. After the farewell from the Hüttenwirt it goes downhill again, into the cars and on to the village bath Tannermühl at the foot of the Wendelstein. A feel-good oasis in the rustic character of an old village bath. Sauna with a view of the stream, whirlpools and plunge pools right in front of the waterfall and wellness massages on old workbenches. And best of all, all of this can be booked exclusively. Nice!

Before we inevitably become city people again and exchange mountains and meadows for Munich, a last ascent awaits us with a view. With 360° all-round greenery and delicious bread time, we let our team event relax in the Bergcafé Siglhof and end with one or the other anecdote. Shee wars!

Conclusion: Predicate – just special! The Almbad Sillberghaus and the village bath Tannermühl in the beautiful Bayrischzell are only an hour’s drive from Munich and can be booked exclusively for small groups of two to 30 people. The locations impress not only with their warm hospitality and conference professionalism in the most beautiful nature. Teambuilding, for example, fits perfectly! Or a meeting, a meeting, a jour fix, maybe even a fireplace talk, or celebrate your birthday… All roads somehow lead to Bayrischzell. Convince yourself – we will help you! #lassmalwiederentschleunigen

Right, we have already reported about the dream huts in Bayrischzell! Here you will find the complete interview with Peter Kirchberger, the managing director of the “Hüttenparadies”.

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