Executive Symposium.

TOMORROW starts here.

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Cisco Partner Executive Symposium.

“Space, infinite expanses. We are in a distant future. Computer logbook: We are writing the year 2013 and are located … in the Cisco office Eschborn with a course for the future.” According to Gene Roddenberry, the annual Cisco Partner Executive Symposium will take place in March under the motto and the new fire campaign “TOMORROW starts here”. REALIZE stages a journey through time and welcomes the participants in the past before they are taken into the future. Always with the red thread from Einstein to the Enterprise.

As soon as the 130 participants have arrived at the Cisco office in Eschborn, they are personally accompanied by Einstein through a time lock and then welcomed by Captain Kirk in the future. This is where the intergalactic conference takes place. With a spaceship, the participants are picked up in the evening for a star dinner. With this in mind, we wish: “Live long and prosper!”

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