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Many thanks to the blood donation service of the BRK for the great article on Facebook.

“On Wednesday, 366 blood donors from the Upper Palatinate were honoured at the Amberger Congress Centrum for their long-standing commitment.
With 175 blood donations each, Anton Hofbauer from Dietfurt in the district association Neumarkt and Wilhelm Hübsch from Amberg in the district association Amberg-Sulzbach have done something special! The two top donors were both touched and modest at the same time. Wilhelm Hübsch nevertheless had a few details of his blood donor career unleashed: “For me, the blood donation at the Bundeswehr began in the medical service. It’s so easy to do good to other people. And maybe at some point you need blood yourself”.
We thank you from the heart!
As always, our fabulous colleagues from Realize Live Marketing, our honor moderator and blood donation ambassador Michael Sporer, comedian Chris Boettcher and our blood donation ambassadors Gela Allmann and Felix Brunner motivation expert & author were present.

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