Blood Donation Action Day.

Together against indifference.

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Blood donation action day powered by voXXclub | Together against indifference.

There are many blood donation campaigns. REALIZE is staging a very special, new and unforgettable event together with the blood donation service of the BRK on 21.01.2016.
In spring 2015, the boys of the alpine pop band voXXclub will go to the blood donation service. Their concern: to use their growing popularity to do social good. This is how the idea arises to combine a public blood donation day with entertainment. The event does justice to the good cause: the BSD collects 340 blood donations that evening and wins a total of 150 new donors.
In addition to presenter Michael Sporer and the “voXXclubbern”, who donate blood themselves, cabaret artist Chris Boettcher, motivation expert and blood donation ambassador Felix Brunner as well as Radio 95.5 Charivari support the event. Nearly 500 guests will not miss this colourful evening.
In addition, the entertainers also attract numerous local press representatives to the Muffathalle, including the SZ, TZ, BILD, München TV and also the ARD. The message is thus carried into the public domain via the media landscape: “Together against indifference. Give life – donate blood”.

Did you know that with every blood donation 3 people survive? REALIZE and the BLOOD donation service of the BRK say “Thank you”. With the help of the 340 blood donations, 1020 lives can be saved.

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