Azlan Oktoberfest 2016 - O'zapft is!.

"Heit geh ma auf d'Wiesn".

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Azlan Oktoberfest 2016 | O ‘zapft is!

“Heit geh ma auf d’Wiesn!”, the last item on a long agenda. Fesch in costume and strengthened thanks to roast pork, dumplings and frying soup from the inn “Zum Franziskaner” the employees of Azlan and Cisco will once again go to the Munich Oktoberfest this year.

Stylishly, there is the first stop on the festive meadow at one of the oldest attractions, the Toboggan. After a few astonishing glances towards the giant slide, the participants wonder: “We should be high there?” There is no room for concern. A short private slot allows all brave people to make the journey quickly to the top of the tower. Result: They all got to the top! Time for the next stop. The stated goal clearly defined: Shooting marquee, exclusive box, right in the middle! The bread boards are ready and the measuring jugs are filled. Nothing stands in the way of a happy evening. “Let’s Dance!”, we finally take care of the way home.

What actually happened before: The conference on behalf of Azlan and Cisco is clearly marked by Bavarian joie de vivre. It is Bavarian breakfast. White sausage. Understands by itself. In between, the mood is relaxed, after all, you know each other from previous years. Then eat again. With sunshine and a long table in the courtyard, of course. Day 2 then attracts visitors with a visit to the Cisco office Hallbergmoos in the north of Munich and a tight meeting program in the morning. Which Bavarian cultural point should follow for the approaching afternoon and evening? correct! “Finally go ma on d’Wiesn!”.

On the last morning at the check-out at the hotel, a common motto was clearly visible; Tired was yesterday, happy is today! These two days will remain joyfully remembered not only by the participants, but also by us realizers. To be continued.

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