Horsepower, strong guests & abundant LED.

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Apassionata | Horsepower, strong guests and ample LED
Or: Pep in Fröttmaning again.

Less is not always more. You can let it crash, we find. For example, in an arena with 1200 square meters of stage space, framed by huge LED walls and 1,700 seats, all with the best view of course. We visited the new show palace and “shown it around” during a customer event. We find: Potential for “ordinary blocking”.

If you talk about Fröttmaning, the mean German no longer has to think only of kicking, FC Bayern and his Allianz Arena. The new four-legged souse already predates the show and makes a good impression. Berlin architects and their wood know that the eye eats along. Spectacularly illuminated inside and outside, the palace offers the ideal setting for the slightly different event. 3D, eh clear, and so you can play in the media what you want to play, even the ground is animated and abseiling like Helene Fischer is still in it.

While the Apassionata show “Equila” convinces with a loving and at the same time childlike fairy tale story and the four-legged leading actors themselves inspire animal hair allergy sufferers, one thing is immediately clear to us, the winner of the event hearts in this palace is the staging. beyond question. So, are you still organizing or are you already celebrating? So we are now also familiar with horsepower. Fröttmaning rocks and “we love to entertain you”!

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