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Against indifference.

For the Blood Donation Service.

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Against indifference | For the blood donation service.

We are happy: IN November 2013 REALIZE won the pitch! And let’s get started: In the next three years, we will be realizing the honours of blood donors throughout Bavaria. In the first three months, especially hard-working donors will be honoured at six venues. The aim is to make the honour more modern and entertaining. We have succeeded in this: We focus on the evening event and special locations such as the riding hall of Schloss Thurn und Taxis. Our presenter Michael Sporer and show act Chris Boettcher inspire the audience.

But the real stars of the evening are the blood donors, because after all, 51,075 donations can already be collected in Augsburg alone. A community photo showing the participants with large numbers of these numbers of collected blood donations also calls the press on the scene. REALIZE is proud that our customer was able to exceed its goals and that the participants received a great appreciation due to a stringent staging.

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